Want to work with us?

A partnership with Unseen centers around building the right media and marketing tools to fundraise effectively, with the right strategy and support to make them as effective as possible.

No Cost To You. ( Yes, really.)

Great media is expensive. But our mission is the same as yours. That's why we raise funds from our own donors to cover our costs and deliver our products and services to you, at no financial cost. Yep. This helps keep your admin percentages low, while still gaining the quality tools and resources you need to grow.

Instead of charging money, we ask that you do a great job of communicating, using our services, and reporting back on how we've helped. We share your experiences with the donors who support you, and in that way, we partner together to end trafficking and its root causes.

Proven Results.

Our partners report that we help them raise 2.5x our investment costs into them in the first year of partnership.

Our partners are growing at a rate 10x faster than average. We're committed to providing help that translates into real growth.

Simple Process. Designed Well.

We hire creative professionals who work with you and Unseen's staff to deliver effective tools that will help you fundraise better. We simplify the process, which makes working together easy.

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The Right Tools

We’ll work with you to create media tools that will help you fundraise effectively.

The Right Strategy

We’ll build those tools on effective strategy to help you get the most out of them.

The Right Support

Our staff will work with you to organize projects to make them run as efficiently as possible.

Our Partners

Here are just some of the organizations Unseen partners with.

Our Artist Network:

Unseen hires freelancers to complete projects who have worked with:

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What We Offer:

We provide quality donor media, donor training, and support.
Below is a sampling of the tools and services that partnership includes:

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Finding the Perfect Fit

Who We're Looking For

1. You fit our mission, and you keep the people you serve safe

Our mission is to fight human trafficking and its root causes.
We're looking for organizations with strong models of care and financial accountability practices in place.

2. You're a wise investment of our donors' dollars

We're looking for organizations that will use what we deliver, can communicate effectively, and are willing to allocate the time needed to do this work well.

3. Your needs match our skills

We're best at helping organizations with donor supported growth. We're looking for organizations whose true needs align with what we do well - tools, training, and support.

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Our Process

1. Assess

We’ll begin partnership with an assessment and a plan to improve your donor engagement.

2. Define

We’ll collect the information we need in order to create media tools and donor relationship resources that fulfill your plan.

3. Create

We’ll create those tools together and collect the information you’ll need in order to be successful.

4. Launch

We'll launch your new tools, follow up with you on how they’ve been used, Share the success with our donors, and take the next step forward.

What Does it Cost to Work with Unseen?

It WILL Cost Time.

All of our projects will take time, and we know you’re busy. We work hard to make our communication as seamless as possible. We typically communicate over email throughout the week, and tend to meet via video every few weeks in order to get projects completed. You'll need to dedicate some staff time to working together - It's the only way we'll be able to get things done.

It WILL NOT Cost Money

Typically, working with Unseen is completely free. We raise funds just like you to be able to provide our services at no cost to our partners. We just ask that partners help by reporting back to us, so we can share stories of success with donors. In rare cases where there are some financial costs, they will be clearly communicated before we start any project.

It WILL Cost Energy.

These tools are just that - tools. They will only be effective when put into practice by you. We're a great fit for organizations that are looking to grow and are willing to learn. In order to be successful, you'll need to invest in the tools we deliver to you.

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