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Unseen's Creative Network lets you fight human trafficking as a paid freelancer, from anywhere.
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Unseen hires talented creatives to build media and marketing tools that allow human trafficking organizations to fundraise effectively. Here's what you can expect:

Work within an effective system.

We get it. Working with nonprofits can be tough. That's why we vet organizations ahead of time, and provide client education for you to help ensure projects go smoothly. We help organize client feedback and are available to answer your questions to make sure projects go well.

Help deliver awesome products.

Fundraising can be complicated. We've teamed up with world class fundraising experts to develop guidelines for creating products that really work. We'll deliver those guidelines to you, and educate your client for you to limit revisions for you and our partners.

Get paid for your work.

Creative work is your job, and people should get paid to do their job. But most human trafficking organizations can't afford the high quality media they need. That's why we raise funds from our own donors to cover your production costs and make sure our partners get your best work.

Maximizing Your Impact

At Unseen, your work makes a difference. We pair your services with training and support that ensures the projects you create are helping those in need around the world.


Our staff works with rescuers to understand their needs. We hire creatives like you based on those needs to make media and marketing tools that inspires action.


We work together to provide media tools like brochures, thank you cards, websites, branding, photos and video to anti-trafficking workers.


We work with you to build media projects on sound donor and fundraising strategy to ensure your project really helps those who need it.

Our Partner Network:

We've worked with over 40 organizations fighting human trafficking and its root causes in over 35 countries. We vet and select organizations that have a history of great work, and are ready to grow.

Our Creative Network:

Unseen hires freelancers from around the world to create the highest quality media. Below are some of the clients our creative network has worked with:

Our Products:

Visit our Product Page to see examples of the types of products we hire creatives like you to create for our partners.

What our partners say:

“You equip us with materials and fresh new ideas to help us with raising support for our ministry; it enables us to continue what we love doing and to be able to do more.”

Sharon, Director of Children’s Garden of the Philippines

Are you the right fit?

What We Look For:

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1. You meet deadlines, and your email game is on point.

We need to give our best effort to keep on track and communicate well, even when our clients situations don't always allow them to respond as quickly or as thoroughly as we'd like.

2. You're talented, and willing to do your best work.

We think the best rescuers deserve really great work. We're looking for top notch, flexible people, ready to make great stuff, while rolling with the punches. It's not always easy, but it's worth it.

3. You humbly and genuinely care for people.

Ultimately, this work is about helping people. We're about doing hard work to support heroes, and are looking for others who want to do the same with dignity and respect for all.

Project Process
Assess - We work with our partners to understand their needs and decide on products that will be a great fit for them. Then we'll reach out to you to see if you're available.

Deliver - We'll work with our partners to collect and define the creative details, our contract terms, and set you up with the information you need to crush it. We typically pay half upfront.

Create - You'll create based on our agreed upon plans, and deliver drafts following our system. We help limit revisions for you to provide quality products for them.

Launch - We'll launch your new tools, follow up on your experience, provide feedback, send final payment, and keep in touch for the future.

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