Pitch Deck

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8 - 12 weeks
Time Commitment:
6 - 10 hours

Raise funds more effectively when presenting. Clearly communicate the problem you are solving, your vision for the future, and an inspiring way for others to join you in it. We'll help to outline, refine, and design a branded 8-12 slide presentation focused on potential and current donors. We'll work with you on overall structure and give ideas for pairing your presentation with other fundraising tools. This product is editable. We design this product so that you can insert slides for specific audiences and so it can be used by multiple people—board members, staff, organizational ambassadors, etc.

*As an Unseen Partner, all production costs have been covered by our donors in support of your life-changing work. Thank you!
**Please allow up to 2 additional weeks for printing and shipping.

Product Details

What's Included:

  • Pitch Deck: We'll work with you to create a slide deck in PowerPoint. This includes help with writing the slides based on the speaking script, and slide design by an experienced designer. Upon request, we may consider designing in other platforms such as Google Slides or Keynote.
  • (Optional) Presentation Practice: If requested by you, we are happy to meet with you as you practice your presentation with a ‘live’ audience (us)! We'll provide feedback on message delivery and presentation effectiveness.
  • (Optional) Presentation Notes: As needed, we'll work with you to organize notes into a speaking script so your message is communicated clearly every time. This documents your presentation so others can use consistent messaging as they speak on behalf of the organization.

Additional Info:

  • We’ll use elements of your brand to create a pitch deck that is custom to your organization. It helps if you have chosen 1-2 fonts, a color palette, and have a logo that we can use consistently throughout the slides. 
  • Pitch Decks require high quality images to be enlarged on a screen. If you do not have great photos, we may consider stock photos or encourage you to take some photos and send them to us prior to starting this project. If helpful, please refer to our Photography Guide.

Slide Deck Examples:

The examples below are PDFs only and do not show the interactions that are embedded into each slide.

Download Worksheet

Partner Responsibilities

During Production

  • Complete the forms we provide within the requested timeline.
  • Review each draft, providing edits and comments in a timely manner.

Post Production

  • Use your product to build relationships with current donors and/or new contacts! Unseen’s generous donors pay for your projects, so that you can in turn connect with your donors, raise funds, and help more people. It’s our greatest desire that you use the products we create together.
  • Survey #1 - Production Feedback Survey - You will receive a short 5-10 minute survey upon completion of the project that evaluates your experience with Unseen processes, staff, and creatives.
  • Survey #2 - Product Effectiveness Survey - Several months after your product arrives, you’ll receive a second 10-15 minute survey focused on how you’ve used the product and what results you are seeing.
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