MailChimp: Welcome Drip Series

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6 - 10 weeks
Time Commitment:
6 - 8 hours

Immediate welcome and consistent education. Someone was interested enough in the work you do to sign up for your e-newsletter! Drip campaigns are a great way to welcome them right away, and to begin to give them vision for the incredible work you do. We’ll help you write a series of 3-5 emails, set up in your MailChimp account, that are sent to subscribers when they sign up for your email list. The intention is to welcome them, introduce them to your mission, and let them know how they can become involved. Once created, the series will automatically go out at specified, customizable triggers (i.e. immediately after subscribing, one week after the previous email, etc.), so your work is done!

*As an Unseen Partner, all production costs have been covered by our donors in support of your life-changing work. Thank you!
*MailChimp is often free, but a paid subscription is required if you want to build a drip series. Please see link to MailChimp's Pricing Plans under Product Details.
**Please allow up to 2 additional weeks for printing and shipping.

Product Details

What's Included

  • Designed email template that looks great and matches your organization’s brand.
  • 3-5 well-written emails that connect with current and potential donors—clearly laying out your organization’s mission, impact, vision, and inviting others to stay involved.

Additional Information

  • It’s best to complete MailChimp: Newsletter Templates first so we can get a solid base for the drip campaign emails.
  • MailChimp is an online software for sending email newsletters and campaigns. 
  • If you don't have a MailChimp account, please sign up (you’ll need the Standard Plan for this product) and upload/organize your contacts before we start this project. (MailChimp Pricing Plans)
  • If you don’t have a way for people to subscribe to your newsletter on your website, with their first and last names in separate boxes, we encourage you to begin working on this right away. (It’s needed for the mail merging feature in the drip series.)
  • We’ll help you with all the logistics of setting up your campaign in MailChimp so it’s successful and easy for you to use.

See Examples

Download Worksheet

Partner Responsibilities

During Production

  • Complete the forms we provide within the requested timeline.
  • Review each draft, providing edits and comments in a timely manner.

Post Production

  • Use your product to build relationships with current donors and/or new contacts! Unseen’s generous donors pay for your projects, so that you can in turn connect with your donors, raise funds, and help more people. It’s our greatest desire that you use the products we create together.
  • Survey #1 - Production Feedback Survey - You will receive a short 5-10 minute survey upon completion of the project that evaluates your experience with Unseen processes, staff, and creatives.
  • Survey #2 - Product Effectiveness Survey - Several months after your product arrives, you’ll receive a second 10-15 minute survey focused on how you’ve used the product and what results you are seeing.
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