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Use these resources on your own time to help grow your organization. At Unseen, our focus is to provide the best marketing and fundraising products to our partners. Before creating products, we research the strategies and benefits behind them. There are many great resources that are credible and provide valuable advice on raising money in the nonprofit sector, and we’re continuously learning. Below are a few resources that we’ve found to be helpful. We are not sponsored by any of these companies, but we’d like to share them in case they might be helpful to you and your organization.

*As an Unseen Partner, all production costs have been covered by our donors in support of your life-changing work. Thank you!
**Please allow up to 2 additional weeks for printing and shipping.

Product Details

Below are a few key resources that the Unseen team has found to be especially beneficial. We don’t officially endorse any of these organizations, but want you to be aware of the resources they offer. Please research them and if they end up being a great fit, we’d love to hear about it!

  • Ethical Storytelling is a community of nonprofit practitioners and storytellers who share ways to integrate a new standard of storytelling. Unseen often references Ethical Storytelling when we create products like story cards, program cards, emails, and more. 
  • Freedom Collaborative curates and shares relevant knowledge and facilitates connections and networking around fighting modern slavery. Our staff at Unseen have signed up for their weekly newsletters. They do a great job sending out relevant information to keep us up to date on what’s going on globally with human trafficking.
  • Canva Pro (free for nonprofits) is an online design tool where you can design any print or online marketing material using beautiful and easy-to-use templates. Unseen doesn’t use Canva to create products for our partners (we hire professional graphic designers), but we have often used this platform to design internal materials and Unseen marketing materials for mini fundraisers. You can create custom social media posts, postcards, newsletters, and more.(As a nonprofit, you can apply for a free pro account - learn more).
  • Monday.com (free for nonprofits) is an online project management system for managing projects, grants, team tasks, and more. Think of it as an interactive spreadsheet, calendar, and system that can help you schedule campaigns, plan fundraising events, and even manage a smaller number of donors. Unseen’s Program Team uses Monday.com to manage all partner projects, products, and more.
  • Pure Charity offers two often-desired products that Unseen doesn’t: Wordpress website development + hosting, and online Sponsorship Program software. We think well of them, but haven’t used their services—so if you do, we’d love to hear feedback from you.
  • NextAfter does extensive research on “why people give.” They’re on a mission to discover how nonprofits can reach more people, acquire more donors, and raise more money. We love NextAfter webinars and resources, and gain a lot of valuable insights on various online marketing strategies through watching their webinars and reading their blogs and articles.
  • DonorDock is a donor software management system that is designed for organizations to easily manage their donors. Unseen uses DonorDock to organize our own donor base.
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Partner Responsibilities

During Production

  • Complete the forms we provide within the requested timeline.
  • Review each draft, providing edits and comments in a timely manner.

Post Production

  • Use your product to build relationships with current donors and/or new contacts! Unseen’s generous donors pay for your projects, so that you can in turn connect with your donors, raise funds, and help more people. It’s our greatest desire that you use the products we create together.
  • Survey #1 - Production Feedback Survey - You will receive a short 5-10 minute survey upon completion of the project that evaluates your experience with Unseen processes, staff, and creatives.
  • Survey #2 - Product Effectiveness Survey - Several months after your product arrives, you’ll receive a second 10-15 minute survey focused on how you’ve used the product and what results you are seeing.
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