Connection Card

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3.5" x 5" or 4" x 6"
4 - 6 weeks**
Time Commitment:
3 - 5 hours

Capture contact info and build relationships with people who want to connect with your work. Your card can include checkboxes for them to indicate what they’d like to learn more about or how they want to get involved (i.e. volunteer opportunities, sign up for newsletter, receive more information, give). Placed on each chair at an event, or available at a booth, these cards are branded to your organization, come with an envelope, and allow you to easily collect information and grow your contact list.

*As an Unseen Partner, all production costs have been covered by our donors in support of your life-changing work. Thank you!
**Please allow up to 2 additional weeks for printing and shipping.

Product Details

What’s Included:

  • 1,000 cards and envelopes printed and shipped to you. (Additional quantities available upon request and further approval.)
  • Connection Cards can also be ordered with correctly sized envelopes that are custom printed with your return address and (optional) logo.
  • Option to request a future reprint, as long as you’re an Unseen Partner.

Additional Information:

  • Printed in full color through our connection with a wholesale printer.
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Partner Responsibilities

During Production

  • Complete the forms we provide within the requested timeline.
  • Review each draft, providing edits and comments in a timely manner.

Post Production

  • Use your product to build relationships with current donors and/or new contacts! Unseen’s generous donors pay for your projects, so that you can in turn connect with your donors, raise funds, and help more people. It’s our greatest desire that you use the products we create together.
  • Survey #1 - Production Feedback Survey - You will receive a short 5-10 minute survey upon completion of the project that evaluates your experience with Unseen processes, staff, and creatives.
  • Survey #2 - Product Effectiveness Survey - Several months after your product arrives, you’ll receive a second 10-15 minute survey focused on how you’ve used the product and what results you are seeing.
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