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Unseen partners with anti-trafficking and root cause organizations that have a history of success and are primed for growth.

Partnership with Unseen centers around building compelling marketing tools to help you fundraise effectively, so you can expand your work and assist more people. 

Together, with each accepted partner, we develop an annual plan—a Roadmap—of Unseen products we will create for you. We create products one after the other, starting with fundraising essentials—such as Thank You Cards, Info Cards, or a Donation Card. As our partnership progresses, we collaborate on more complex messaging tools based on your needs and our resources.

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What We Offer

Finding a Great Partnership Fit

Who we look for:

We find that organizations with the following characteristics fit well with our current products and services. If your organization is outside these parameters, but think an Unseen partnership would be beneficial to your growth, please apply and tell us why! We’d love to get to know you and often accept organizations outside of this profile.
Our missions align! You are actively fighting human trafficking or its root causes, and can describe, in stories and numbers, the important role you play in the anti-trafficking movement.
You have a history of success—making a demonstrable impact in the lives of vulnerable people. We work with growing organizations who have established programs and proven leadership.
You want to raise funds and are ready to grow. You have designated people on your team committed to making regular financial asks, and you can articulate a clear 2-5 year plan for organizational growth.
At least 10-20% of your annual operating budget is raised through individual donations, rather than via grants, family foundations, or freedom businesses. This indicates you have a history with individual fundraising, are motivated to pursue it, and have staff and systems in place to build upon.
You have annual operating revenue between $30,000 and $1,200,000. This size of organization tends to be a good fit with our marketing products. However, if your revenue is over this amount but you’ve been grant-dependent and are now launching into donor fundraising, partnership could be a good fit!
You had at least 100+ donors last year. Our tools help you connect, in English, with current and prospective donors in the US and other western countries. This is for several reasons: 1) We are US-based, and fundraise here, so our tools are tested in this environment. 2) GDP of charitable giving is high in the US. As our donors fund your projects, and you fundraise in an area with a good return, it’s also a great investment for our donors.
We aren't able to help you find new donors. To use our products effectively, it's important that you have people to connect with and market to.
You’re able to designate a project manager or key point of contact from your organization to write content, review and approve projects, and move projects quickly forward to completion. (Averages 5 hours / week, but varies based on project size.)
You are a registered NGO in the U.S. (501c3) or in your organization's country.
For more about partnership: Partnership Agreement

Who we're looking for in 2021:

While we will consider partnership applications from all parts of the world, if you work in Europe—specifically fighting the supply and demand for sex trafficking, or are in the Americas making a dent in the fight against labor or commercial sexual exploitation, we’d love to hear from you.  

What Does it Cost to Work with Unseen?


Projects take time, and we know you’re busy! We work hard to save you time and make our communication as seamless as possible. We typically communicate over email, and will meet via video when needed. If you’re in another timezone, this may involve some late night or early morning video calls.


We believe in your work so much that we raise funds, just like you, to be able to provide our services at no cost to our partners. In rare cases where there are some financial costs, they will be clearly communicated and agreed upon before the start of any project.

In turn, we ask, in a spirit of mutual partnership, that you actively communicate with us—so that we can report the accelerating effect of our work to Unseen donors.

Proactive Use

The products we create for you are tools that will be effective when put to use! We're a great fit for organizations who want to allocate time and staff resources toward donor relationships, financial asks, increased messaging, and organizational growth.

Active Reporting

Our donors care about fighting human trafficking and its root causes! As a mutual partnership, we request annual reporting of your financial growth and impact, brief feedback after each project, and success stories of fundraising growth when using an Unseen product. 

We calculate ROI and report back to our investors. They want to see how their investment in products for you multiplies and accelerates the fight against human trafficking.

Project Process
Strategize and Roadmap - We’ll meet to talk through your goals and choose one or more Unseen products based on your needs for growth.

Gather Information - At the start of each project, we’ll collect information from you and discuss creative details. This will include signing documents, writing down design preferences, giving creative input, and sending us additional images and branding elements. We’ll review the information we gather and commit to completing the project together.

Build and Refine - We’ll collaborate with you on your messaging and finalize before selecting and hiring a creative professional (graphic designer, video editor, etc.) . Unseen will guide the design process and provide feedback to the Creative to ensure quality. You’ll give creative input and timely feedback on a set number of drafts. You and the Unseen Team will sign-off on the final product.

Launch - We’ll deliver the final approved product to you. You’ll distribute the product we’ve created together to help you grow.

Review - We’ll send two surveys asking how the project went and how the product has impacted your organization’s growth. Your feedback helps us improve and allows us to share your success with donors who will continue to fund future projects.
Partnership Phases
Every product or service that Unseen offers is organized into four different phases. Each phase offers sets of products to meet the unique needs of each organization.

All partners begin in Phases 1 and 2, and projects grow in complexity over time. Phase 1 focuses on foundational fundraising tools. Our partnership may move to more complex and expensive products in other phases as your fundraising capacity changes. An application process is required for entering Phase 3.

We want to see your mission grow! We also want to be wise stewards of our donors' generosity. For this reason, partners progress through phases after having some success in their current phase.

For specific information on products available in each phase, please contact us or visit our products page.

Partner Feedback:

Donation Card
This project has helped us build our contact list, attract new donors, improve our donation experience, and increase monthly giving. The cards have been used in small and large group presentations across the country as our staff have gone on a fundraising tour around the states. This has been such a wonderful tool to help donors connect right on the spot during a presentation!
Kezia McNab, 9/2/21
End-of-Year 8-Email Campaign Series
Fantastic design. I like clean, uncluttered layouts that make it easy for readers to identify the call to action. Kelsey did a great job integrating photos and design elements. The process was incredibly easy.
Leah Duke, 9/1/21
Website: Donation Landing Page
I'm so impressed with the clarity and easy understanding of our new donation landing page. It's now simple for our donors from around the world to support our efforts.
Mahendra Singh, 8/30/21

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A select number of organizations will be invited to a 90 min video interview so we can learn more about your organization and answer any questions you have.

Accepted partners will then be invited to launch partnership with Unseen. We’ll meet with you to determine your needs, create an annual plan, and start your first project.
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