Website: Multi-Page

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16 - 20 weeks
Time Commitment:
12 - 16 hours

Engage donors with a captivating website. We’ll create a small, beautiful website that gives an overview of your organization. We’ll also work with your messaging to design a story arc throughout each page that builds legitimacy and inspires action. This website is designed for small-to-medium sized organizations that have several programs or more complex messaging.  It includes one main scrolling home page plus 1-3 additional pages to share about your team, programs, updates, or special projects. The additional pages allow users to get a full overview of your organization with each page strategically laid out for easy navigation—aimed at a call to action.

*As an Unseen Partner, all production costs have been covered by our donors in support of your life-changing work. Thank you!
*As an Unseen Partner, the cost to build your website is covered by Unseen donors, but the ongoing hosting/domain registration costs are covered by you, our partner. This is to give you full ownership of your new website!
**Please allow up to 3 additional weeks for printing and shipping.

Product Details

What’s Included:

  • One main scrolling home page with 4-6 sections: Summary/intro to organization, Problem, What We Do/Programs, History of Success/Vision, Call to Action/Give
  • 1-3 additional pages (e.g. blog, special project, staff, programs, etc.)
  • Privacy Policy page
  • Link to your external donation page 

What’s Not Included

  • An integrated system for accepting and processing donations online. As this requires detailed administrative systems within your organization, Unseen only creates a landing page that will link out to your current fiscal host. 
  • Ongoing support / maintenance.

Additional Info:

  • Prior to launching this project, please establish your own fiscal host for accepting online donations.
  • Unseen website products are currently a 'best fit' for smaller orgs (annual revenue of less than $200K/year) who are looking for a streamlined website. If you're a larger expanding org, or need a highly architected and larger site, we recommend hiring a web company who works directly with you to build and maintain your site—with guaranteed uptime (i.e. fast fixes when website is down), integration services (for donation page), and ongoing maintenance.
  • Your new website will be designed by us, but owned and maintained by you! We contract with a professional to design the site in Webflow, and then transfer ownership and all future updates of the site to you once the project is complete. We design in Webflow because it is relatively easy for someone who isn’t a web designer to be able to make website changes, including editing text, creating new pages, and adding/removing photos.


Download Worksheet

Partner Responsibilities

During Production

  • Complete the forms we provide within the requested timeline.
  • Review each draft, providing edits and comments in a timely manner.

Post Production

  • Use your product to build relationships with current donors and/or new contacts! Unseen’s generous donors pay for your projects, so that you can in turn connect with your donors, raise funds, and help more people. It’s our greatest desire that you use the products we create together.
  • Survey #1 - Production Feedback Survey - You will receive a short 5-10 minute survey upon completion of the project that evaluates your experience with Unseen processes, staff, and creatives.
  • Survey #2 - Product Effectiveness Survey - Several months after your product arrives, you’ll receive a second 10-15 minute survey focused on how you’ve used the product and what results you are seeing.
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