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Story Card

This project helps you capture one story of success, and share that story in a printed card that is easy to share. This project includes support to help you choose a story, work with a writer to refine it, and design a card that looks great. You'll send your verbally recorded or written story, and we'll work with a professional writer to refine it for this card.
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We're currently developing this product. You're welcome to request it, though you can expect a slightly (or not so slightly) bumpy process as we iron out the details. In addition, we may ask you for some extra feedback on your experience to improve this project for someone else. Thanks for going with the flow!

goal for this project

Connect with Your Donors Through Story

Telling Stories are one of the most powerful ways you can connect with your donors. This card aims to capture a story that shares the good news of the work you're doing, typically from the perspective of one person. This will help your donors have a better sense of what your organization is accomplishing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does printing / shipping work?

Unseen Offers no-cost printing and shipping on select products. We pay for printing and shipping from a wholesale printing company, and raise funds to provide the service at no cost to our partners.

Printing quantity and specifics vary by product, but are generally printed and shipped for free up to 1000 copies. All print cards are printed on high quality cardstock (16pt) with matte, gloss, or custom finish, based on the project's design.

No-cost reprinting is also available for products designed through Unseen. Learn More.

Who should I reach out to with questions?

For general questions and support, reach out to your Partnership Manager. If you're unsure who your partnership manager is, email partner@weareunseen.org.

The amount of care and thoughtfulness to not just the project, but the end result and how we are working together is very evident and makes the creative process that much more meaningful.

Amy Churchill - Just One Africa

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