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Website: Premium One-Page

We'll create you a beautiful, reliable, and simple website to share with donors. This website is one scrolling page that builds credibility for your donors and inspires them to give. The website is designed to be as simple as possible to create and maintain, while providing the most important information to your donors.
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We're currently developing this product. You're welcome to request it, though you can expect a slightly (or not so slightly) bumpy process as we iron out the details. In addition, we may ask you for some extra feedback on your experience to improve this project for someone else. Thanks for going with the flow!

goal for this project

Build Confidence, Communicate Clearly, and Raise More Gifts

A great website doesn't have to be complicated. This website is designed to make giving easy, and to establish legitimacy and confidence with your current and potential donors. You'll have a credible online portal for receiving donations that reinforces your message and sits alongside your other media to provide a seamless giving experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

is site maintenance included?

The websites we build are created to last. We're committed to building you a website that will be effective for years. In addition, we have committed to providing a minimum of 2 years of maintenance for this website. This includes:

  • Maintaining the functionality of your website
  • Updating contact details or website text
  • Swapping photos if needed
  • Updating links or connections to payment processors

Maintenance would not include:

  • Adding new functionality
  • Adding additional pages
  • changing page layouts or design elements

We understand that more material changes are important from time to time. When more substantial updates are needed, talk to your Partnership Manager about adding those websites updates to your next roadmap.

Who should I reach out to with questions?

For general questions and support, reach out to your Partnership Manager. If you're unsure who your partnership manager is, email partner@weareunseen.org.

"Very satisfied" with the quality of our website, speed of the process, and performance of Unseen staff.

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Website: Premium One-Page
Website: Premium One-Page
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