Freelancers We're Looking For

Written By:
Jordan Maahs

Who We're Looking For

Here's a list of creative skill sets we especially look for. We're looking for creatives with experience in these areas specifically:

Graphic Designers

  • Print design
  • Branding and illustration
  • Web design with commercial web design experience
  • Slide deck / Presentation designers

Web Designers and Developers

  • Webflow web designers
  • WordPress designers and coders.
  • Slide deck / Presentation designers with commercial slide deck design experience
  • Film dditors
  • Social media strategists

Film And Photography

  • Film editors with commercial film experience
  • Film producers with commercial film experience
  • Additional film skills, including: subtitles, motion graphics, color correction and film culling


  • Copywriters for print and web
  • Blog content writers

If you have skills in these areas, apply to freelance with Unseen, or learn more.