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What We Do

Unseen exists to fight human trafficking and its root causes.

We partner with, train, and equip organizations towards growth with our fundraising training, coaching, media and marketing tools. Our projects are designed to grow with you to help you raise more funds, and are delivered to you at no cost. Partnership with Unseen centers around building the tools, skills, and processes needed for your mission to fundraise and grow!

How We’re Funded

Phase 1 and 2 products are completely free of financial costs to you thanks to Unseen’s generous donors. It may sound ‘too good to be true,’ but it really is true! Most projects in phases 3 and 4 are also free.

There may be some special projects that involve financial investment from you. In those circumstances, any potential costs will be will be clearly communicated and agreed upon before starting a project.

We really care about fighting human trafficking and believe the best way for us to do this is by helping great organizations--who are already doing great work!

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Understanding Partnership

What Partnership Is

Unseen only delivers services to organizations we partner with. So, becoming an Unseen Partner makes your organization eligible to receive products and services from Unseen!

Partnership consists of a series of projects. We work with our partners to select the right project, and work on one project at a time from start to finish. We start with small projects, and may progress towards larger projects depending on your needs and our resources. An example of a project might be a brochure, website, or logo. Projects are organized into groups, called phases.

Applying for Partnership

We’re looking to partner with organizations who will benefit most from our services.

How to Apply for Partnership with Unseen

  1. Sign up on our list to receive an email when we release the next partnership application.
  2. Complete the partnership application when you receive it.
  3. Some organizations will be selected for a one hour phone or internet call to learn more about you and answer any questions you might have.
  4. Unseen will stay in touch to clarify any additional details.
  5. Partners that are accepted will be contacted with instructions on how to start their first project.

Understanding Unseen's Partnership Criteria

Your organization might be a good fit if:

  1. You are fighting human trafficking and its root causes.
  2. You have a strong model of care that aligns with our values.
  3. You prioritize child safety and financial accountability.
  4. Your organization’s needs align with our services.
  5. Your leadership team desires to learn, change, and invest in organizational growth.
  6. You have capacity to communicate with our team and use the tools and training that we provide.

In addition, your organization meets our prerequisites:

  • You have an annual budget of at least $20,000 and less than $500,000. (Sometimes exceptions are made, so feel free to go ahead and apply, or to contact us! We want to make sure that our current services and tools are a good match for your growth abilities. We find $20K-$500K to be a current good fit, but we do make exceptions!)
  • At least $20,000 of your annual budget is raised through donations.
  • You had at least 20 individual donors last year.
  • You are a registered 501c3 in the U.S. or you are registered as a nonprofit in your organization's country.

If you're interested in applying, sign up for our waiting list for information on when the next class of applicants can apply.

How We Choose What Projects To Fund: 

At Unseen, we work with our partners to complete projects. These are things like Thank You Cards, Donation Cards, Slide Decks, and more. Each project costs Unseen money, so we want to make sure we're using our donor funds wisely, and serving you in the best way we can. As a result, when you request to start a project, a committee on our team approves that request based on 4 main criteria:

  1. Impact
  2. Timeline
  3. Cost
  4. Commitment

We're looking to make sure that the project will actually raise funds for you, and that the proposed timeline is possible for our team. We also consider the cost of the project, and your history and current commitment to the project to determine if the project is a good fit. In addition, we ensure that you are in the correct phase for the project you are requesting.

We look at these four dimensions to determine which projects will get approved.

How Projects Work

After becoming an Unseen Partner, we'll work together on projects. Projects with Unseen tend to follow the same pattern. We’ll work on projects that consist of 5 stages:

  1. Strategize - We’ll decide together your fundraising and growth needs, and choose projects based on those needs that will best help you grow.
  2. Gather Information - We’ll lay out project details and collect your creative input. You’ll need to decide who from your organization will be in charge of making creative decisions, signing any necessary forms, and giving creative input.
  3. Build and Refine - We’ll fund a creative or contractor for your project, and review their work for quality. You’ll need to give timely feedback to review and give any necessary edits.
  4. Launch - We’ll deliver the final creative material to you and help you plan strategic ways to maximize its impact. You’ll distribute the work we’ve created together to help you move towards growth.
  5. Review - We’ll ask you how the project has impacted your organization. We ask that you share that impact so we can improve on weaknesses and share stories of your successes with our donors to continue to fund future projects.

How Phases Work

Every product or service that Unseen offers is organized into different phases. Each phase offers sets of products to meet the unique needs of each organization, focused on the topics below:

Phase 1: Thanking and engaging donors
Phase 2: Telling your story
Phase 3: Strengthening your donor base
Phase 4: Strategic growth

Projects grow in complexity over time. Phase 1 focuses on foundational fundraising tools. Our partnership may move to more complex and expensive products in other phases as your fundraising capacity changes. You can apply for products, and if approved, we’ll schedule a time to begin working on them with you.

Some partners demonstrate need for, and use of, products in all four phases. Other Unseen partners find that their current growth needs are met via products in phases 1 and 2. Together, with your Partnership Manager, and the rest of the Unseen team, we’ll evaluate the best next steps to help you grow your connection with donors, and evaluate where Unseen is able to partner with you in this.

Of course, great stories and data, regarding the effectiveness and use of Unseen products--sent from you to Unseen--go a long way in helping us measure effectiveness as we evaluate our continued partnership together. This data also helps us consider next steps and even products in more advanced phases as we evaluate our work together. Unseen is funded by generous donors who strive to invest their contributions well. The stories and data you share allow us to make sure that our investment in your organization is a great one--and allows us to pass along your gratitude to our donors, the people who make our investment in your work possible!

In general, partners need to complete a project in each phase before moving to the next phase.

We want to see your mission grow! We also want to be wise stewards of our donors' generosity. For this reason, partners progress through phases after having some success in their current phase.

For specific information on products available in each phase, please contact us or visit our products page.

Ending Partnership:

Either the partner or Unseen can end partnership at any time. Since we have responsibility to invest our donors dollars wisely, we may choose to end partnership if we feel that the products we've created are not being utilized well.

Both Unseen and the partner will have the opportunity to evaluate the partnership as projects are completed, with the hope of growth. If projects are not being completed well, or not being used effectively, we may need to stop, pause, or re-evaluate partnership.

You are welcome to end partnership at any time in writing. By forfeiting partnership, you lose all rights to services provided by Unseen.

Partnership Requirements

In general, we require partners to actively engage in communication with Unseen while working on projects, and give feedback on completed projects. You can learn more about requirements of partnership in the Partnership Agreement.

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Partners Stories and Data:

How We Tell Stories

We believe in sharing hope over darkness. We care deeply about protecting the dignity of people and highlighting their strength and humanity, and take steps to tell that story well through the communication pieces we create for you. Learn more about our policies on privacy and use of partner media in our Partnership Agreement.

How We Use Partner Stories And Data

Initial projects are often completed by using some of your existing photos, branding, or other media. We’ll ask you to provide high quality versions of these elements to us as needed, so please let us know of any copyright or distribution agreements with other artists.

  • Use of Partner Photos (not owned by Unseen) in Unseen Marketing and third-parties who are using these photos to raise funds - In order to share the good news about the partnership with Unseen’s donor base, we may use these elements in our promotional materials such as social media posts, online updates, web, print, newsletters, etc. By agreeing to partnership, you also agree to release the use of these items to Unseen to represent our partnership with you. As an extra layer of privacy and security, Unseen often chooses to not include the name of your organization along with photos. (e.g. instead of “Hope Life Foundation” we might say “our partner in Thailand.”) If certain photos cannot be shared in Unseen marketing, or if your organization’s name can never be shared online for security reasons, please indicate this when you send the photos and/or launch partnership with Unseen.
  • Use of Testimonials and Shared Public Information - Information you share with our staff about the use of our products or about your organization may be shared with Unseen’s staff and support base to improve our services and retain and attract donors unless exceptions have been made during your on-boarding process (e.g. “These brochures have really helped us grow!”).
  • Use of Public Information - Unseen may share any information you’ve released publicly with our staff, donors, or potential donors. Public information may include a compelling story from a public newsletter, public social media post, news article, information on your website, or other information available on the internet. If re-sharing is a concern for you due to privacy or security reasons--perhaps you have a private newsletter list for security--please let us know so we can adhere to this restriction.

If there is a reason we should not use an element (confidentiality of person in photo, agreement with the artist who originally created the element, etc.) please let us know. We want to honor and represent your work, as well as our partnership, accurately!

Understanding Media Ownership

The materials created by Unseen are for the benefit of you, our partner. You get “distribution rights,” meaning the ability to print and share as you want. Unseen retains “ownership rights,” meaning the control of edits, changes, and creation of the media piece. This also applies to photos and videos captured by Unseen.

We may send equipment and/or provide training for you to capture images or video. Unseen may use the images and video collected in our own media unless you choose to limit our usage of those images. It’s our intent to comply with any privacy concerns you have relating to the use of images of the people you serve.

Unseen provides and retains design and creative control on media projects. You guide this process through feedback and discussion at the onset and throughout all projects to set our artists up for success. Our staff will ask you to submit all necessary information, follow through on distribution plans we create together and follow up after the project is done.

Interested in becoming an Unseen Partner? 

Sign up for our waiting list to get notified when we open the next round of applications!